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Buy IWI USA Firearms Online. IWI USA Firearms makes extremely well built and accurate firearms such as the Tavor, Galil and UZI Pro models. IWI USA, Inc. started operations in 2013 and brought the first commercial versions of the Tavor SAR to the US market. IWI USA Firearms began back in the 1930s and to this day is still producing legendary firearms. Through the years they have built guns based on extensive field research and innovation. You can feel the difference in platforms such as the Galil Ace, Jericho, Tavor, and Masada to name a few. IWI USA is a firearms firm based in Middletown, Pennsylvania that manufactures the most technologically advanced weaponry on the market. In 1933, Israel Military Industries began firearms production and soon collaborated with Israel Defense Forces (IDF) with the goal of developing technologically advanced small arms systems. The resulting firearms are utilized by troops fighting in urban and harsh environments, law enforcement agencies, and security personnel around the world. In 2005, this company began the small arms division of IMI and Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) and produce and assemble weapons in compliance with the most stringent military (MIL-STD) and ISO 9001.2008 standards known to man. IWI Arms carries in-stock IWI USA firearms available for sale.

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History Of IWI USA Firearms

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), world leader in innovative small arm systems for over 80 years, designs and develops the weapons of choice for military, homeland security and commercial agencies worldwide. The IWI USA product range and accessories are deployed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and other leading global organizations seeking technological innovation, manufacturing excellence and outstanding performance. Buy IWI USA Firearms Online.

Technologically advanced engineering and testing

IWI’s products are renowned for their technologically advanced capabilities and battle-proven results in some of the most challenging conditions imaginable. All of IWI USA weapons are a product of ongoing interaction, field tests, situational functionality and modifications resulting from live combat demands. IWI USA Firearms are combat-proven under adverse and extreme environmental conditions to provide unrivalled reliability. Firearms are designed and tested in close collaboration with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) through a joint Research & Development team.

Highly innovative weapons and cost-effective solutions

IWI USA’s focus on modern weapon designs never before conceived, yielded signature systems and legendary results.  Weapons series range from; the TAVOR® Assault Rifles, three caliber X95® (Assault Rifle & SMG), NEGEV® Light Machine Guns, GALIL ACE® Assault Rifles and GALIL® SNIPER S.A. Rifle, DAN Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, the legendary UZ®I SMG in its latest evolution  UZI® PRO, and JERICHO® pistols.